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Here We All Are

It takes a large force of nature to alter the behavior of human beings, communities, cities, countries and continents. We, as a planet are doing it at warp speed now. Our lives are different, our interaction with others is both more tender and more distanced and we are really unsure of what comes next.

I'd like to invite you to spend some time with us over this next phase of "Life isn't the Same as it Was Before". We're going to create online sales that will always be tied to a nonprofit we want to support- like and Doctors Without Borders. 

Also want to invite you to some Zoom chats we are going to create. We'll do a bunch of different themes: like a one of a kind pieces; new collections; "Its too good to be true Prices" and whatever else we can come up with or whatever you might like to suggest.

I know it is a difficult time now, on many levels, but we can decide that there will be lots of silver linings that will come from this. Perhaps we can more fully understand compassion for one another, how intimately connected we are as a global community and what really matters in life.

Wishing you good health in body, mind and spirit,

Barbara Levin


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