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My name is Barbara and I am the owner/designer of Athena Designs. I don't have my own personal instagram or facebook page that I use- I am a pretty private person though very open with my own friends.

If you are reading this blog than I would like to think of you as a friend and share some personal experiences- about things that get me inspired, or make me want to do something really positive that can touch people. 

So here we go! Travel is a passion of mine and I have done quite a bit of it. Just recently I took a trip to Singapore and Bali- places that I had never been before. It was a heartfelt journey and I feel as if I allowed myself to be changed by the experience.

Since 1 picture is worth a thousand memories and stories, here are 2 of the albums of this trip. Hope you enjoy them!

Faces of Bali

Singapore in the Abstract



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